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Supporting a flexible, hybrid working environment

BB7, a UK leading specialist fire and security consultancy firm; creates safe spaces, where people, business and communities thrive. The team have a strong culture driven by its team of 150 people, who are distributed across offices throughout the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. From its regional office in Leeds, the growing team provides consultancy services to clients nationwide, and as with many businesses, the last two years put BB7 into a virtual, remote working environment at the beginning of the pandemic. When returning to the office in 2021, the business realised the office space they were in no longer met their requirements.

In October 2021, the Leeds division of the BB7 team, led by Regional Director, John Rigby, moved to WorkWell’s Carrwood Park site, which has enabled the team to come back together safely, while also offering them private and collaborative space as and when required.

With members of the team commuting from areas across the North, it was important for BB7’s new office to be close to motorway links and in a location that made it easy for the whole team to get to. By relocating to WorkWell, the whole team has been able to continue to deliver the high standard of client service that they are renowned for.

Location, and the flexibility WorkWell provides, have proven invaluable to them since they moved.

We talk here to Regional Director, John Rigby, about the reasons they moved to Carrwood Park, how the facilities support their work functions and how moving has impacted their company culture.

A hybrid way of working

"It just wasn't feasible to have everyone in the office at the same time."

The pandemic brought to light certain flaws in BB7’s office space at the time, the most obvious being that the space they currently occupied wasn’t big enough to accommodate its growing team.

“It just wasn’t feasible to have everyone in the office at the same time,” said John. “We soon realised due to our rapid growth we needed more space, and a flexible working environment where the team were able to collaborate effectively in a larger office space.”

With plans to expand and grow the team, John knew he needed a workspace that offered more than just four walls. He saw what WorkWell was doing with the launch of its new space-on-demand offering and enquired to see whether it would meet his requirements.

John said: “I see WorkWell as quite a forward-thinking company, the call booths and break-out meeting space they offer, which can be used as and when you need it, is ideal for my team. I love the flexibility of it. We’ve been able to include a meeting space within our office, where the team sits if they need to collaborate, but likewise, the team also has an abundance of additional communal and private space they can use should they need it.”

Being able to have his whole team in the office at the same time was also an important factor in John’s decision to move. He said: “Although the team isn’t necessarily in the office together all of the time, the option is there. As we build the team this will be even more important, particularly as we look to hire graduates. It’s much harder for them to learn when communicating virtually, they miss out on conversations that are taking place, and can learn a lot just being in the same room as other team members and listening to the conversations taking place.”

Creating a working environment that complements work function

"It was important for me that everyone had the space to be able to work comfortably." 

The BB7 team at Carrwood Park all have a similar work function, and the office environment they have created helps to support that function.

Most of the team are office-based (for part of the working week) and require a working environment that allows them to focus and to work both independently and collaboratively, which is something that just wasn’t possible with the old office space.

In their current office at Carrwood Park, the team has their space laid out to support work functions and allow for everyone to have equal-sized desks, with enough space in which to perform at their best.

John said: “It was important for me that everyone had the space to be able to work comfortably, without feeling like they couldn’t move away from their desks for calls or even for eating their lunch. What we’ve created at Carrwood Park is an environment that complements how the team work, with everyone feeling equal. In our old office, there was a clear hierarchical division as less experienced members of the team were allocated smaller desks due to the space limitations. I didn’t want that going forward, I want everyone to be treated equally.”

Creating a company culture

"I have no doubt that being based at Carrwood Park will influence the culture of the business going forward."

By relocating to Carrwood Park, John feels, BB7 are at the beginning of a new journey and he’s keen to see how the environment they have created will impact their company culture going forward.

He said: “It’s an exciting journey of growth for our Leeds team, and I have no doubt that being based at Carrwood Park will influence the culture of the business going forward. It’s clear to see that WorkWell is very much a forward-thinking company like BB7 and to be associated with that is just what our business needs.”

Why WorkWell?

Although they are relatively new customers to WorkWell, John and his team already appreciate the value it brings, not only for the business but for them as individuals. The most important elements, where they believe WorkWell deliver value, are the flexible space on offer, the location and overall appearance.

Overall appearance:
It really is a lovely place to work, it’s inviting and we’re proud to welcome clients here. At the moment we don’t have many clients visit, but I know it’s a great place if they do visit.


Flexible space:
Having a variety of workspace options available to you, including private phone booths and communal meeting spaces, make my team more efficient at their jobs.”

The location:
Driving to Carrwood Park is incredibly easy, I have team members who travel from Sheffield and Manchester, so being located just off the M1 with links to the M62 nearby is ideal.


For more information, or if you wish to discuss your workspace requirements contact sales@workwelloffices.com