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Our Ethos

Welcome to the work environment where nothing is too much trouble. We go way beyond renting you an office; creating opportunities for business networking and beating expectations every time. In fact, we create what we believe is a very unique experience.

The WorkWell Experience

The WorkWell experience extends to a community atmosphere where everyone involved shares in the benefits. From the moment you connect with us we strive to find the best possible solution to meet all your needs.

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First class service

Benefit from light airy offices designed with wellbeing in mind, and a friendly concierge service where everything happens when you want it to. Coffee and tea anytime and a fully serviced and maintained kitchen at your disposal all day.

There’s so much more, including an integrated telephone system, an IT infrastructure that can cope with all demands and an IT support team that deals with all situations immediately. Book a meeting room or just pop into a work hub for as long as you need it.

See how you could benefit

We can help you achieve your business objectives by creating an environment that helps make your team be more productive and hence, more likely to stay with you and work with enthusiasm. The seamless move-in process sets the standard from day one and our support team are always on hand to help, no matter how challenging the task.

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A word from our MD

Oliver Corrigan, MD of WorkWell talks about how he approaches productivity in the workplace and how sharing these values can benefit businesses of all sizes.

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"The space that we have around us, the whole customer focus..."
- Neil Morris, Straight Manufacturing