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Supporting a safe return to the office.

While our specific approaches for each building, customers and physical spaces vary, amongst the diversity, we’re now focused on answering the same question: how to best protect the health and safety of the staff, members, visitors, and anyone else who enters our workspaces.

Below you can find a list of resources that we have made available for all our members.

Key Information

Please keep up to date with government guidelines
Please be considerate to other members and staff who are here for you
Take note and follow signage throughout the buildings
If you're not sure about something, feel free to ask for help

Resource Centre

First, we’ll lay out a set of operating principles and considerations to help guide your prioritization and decision-making. Next, we’ll present the health and safety pillars that are fundamental to returning to the office and the detailed decision points you’ll need to be aware. Then, we’ll walk through potential changes for some of the most common space types as well as the new practices and procedures that we have implemented.