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Workplace Strategy
Your team doesn't need a room, they need an environment

The companies who thrive, are those companies who invest in their staff. Getting the workplace environment right is an essential part of this investment to ensure you attract, retain and promote the best team for your business.

A workspace designed to complement your business and people, created to inspire and support, is an essential part of achieving your team's highest potential. A choice of a space to focus, a space to collaborate, a space to meet, learn and socialise, are all essential components when creating a considered workplace strategy.

Up until now, there hasn’t been an accessible way to effectively allow teams to work in different environments… environments that are designed for purpose.

WorkWell Bench

of employees age 16-44 want to be more mobile at work. Nearly 50% across all generations.

of the global workforce expect to see an increase in mobility in the workplace through activity based/agile workplaces.

of the global workforce
will be mobile by 2022. Having culture and technology to support the style of work will be critical.

WorkWell Pods

Our working environments are designed to support workplace strategy, focusing on complimenting your work style within activity based working.

One of the key benefits of this is providing your team with choice in how they want to work, which has proven to significantly improve productivity.

Choice, combined with access to state-of-the-art technology, high quality service, an inspiring environment in which to work and flexibility is the solution we offer here at WorkWell. The result is a more effective, productive and high performing team.

We have studied the science behind purpose driven space and centre our solutions around space your team will love, within agile environments supporting your goals, in an all inclusive package without compromise. 

What the WorkWell experience looks like...

Our approach focuses on creating complementary, high performing and desirable working environments with a flexible agreement. As a WorkWell member, you’ll get exclusive access to a whole host of workspace environments, designed to complement how you and your team want to work.

WorkWell Member

Space with

Designed around workplace strategy, combined with your needs, you have access to a choice of considered and bespoke working environments to complement your working day.

WorkWell WorkHub

Design &

With human-centred design in mind, our environment is made up of features to support a stress-free, happier, and healthier environment for a more productive working day in an inspiring workspace.

WorkWell Reception

Service &

Offering you a premium and personal service experience, our team are on hand to ensure you feel both comfortable and welcome. Our friendly environment allows you to socialise and network.

WorkWell Member

Technology &

Our robust infrastructure is well managed, always upgraded, fast and reliable. We focus on the tech details, so you can achieve your greatest work easily and efficiently.

WorkWell Bench

Turnkey with

We strive to ensure you have the perfect move in. From day one you will be up and running with a set up tailored to you and your team, delivered and managed by us.

WorkWell Members

Flexible &

Providing you with a choice of space in an agile environment, with the opportunity to scale up (or down) your room size within a flexible agreement to fit your needs.