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Case Studies

Don’t just take our word for it…take a look at what our members have to say about us.

Improving company culture and personal lives

We recently caught up with Thomson Environmental Consultants to discuss how their move to WorkWell has not only transformed their personal working lives, but also improved company culture and increased the amount of time spent in the office.


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Transforming company culture with a purpose-driven workspace

We recently chatted with Claire Darlow, Business Services Manager at Academic Appointments, to discuss how moving to WorkWell was an inevitable decision, and how the flexibility, location and purpose-driven environment has made a difference to the team’s space usability and company culture.

Categories: Collaboration, Company culture, Flexibility, Location, Purpose-Driven

Supporting a flexible, hybrid working environment

We speak with BB7 Director, John Rigby, about how WorkWell created a working environment that compliments the way BB7 has grown to function, post-pandemic.

Categories: Hybrid Working, Culture, Flexibility, Growth

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Parseq Case Study
Oculis Case Study Image

Workspace to support a functional office for specific customer needs

We sit down with Parseq Credit Manager, Elaine Stevens, about the challenges that Parseq needed to overcome when looking for a space to relocate to, and how WorkWell supported the key functions that they required when moving.

Categories: Location, Customer Support, Bespoke

A smooth transition of office space during a pandemic and the importance of flexible workspace 

We talk with Oculis Director, Steve Voke, about the workspace challenges they faced due to the pandemic, how their new workspace has impacted their company culture, the challenges facing the construction industry and the value his team get from moving to WorkWell.

Categories: Flexibility, Facilities, Service

Carrwood Park Building 3

Culture driven space 

"I see Carrwood Park as the office of tomorrow, a modern workspace for collaborative working, with people dividing their time between home and the office." - Darren Buxton, UKGI Ltd

Categories: Culture, Collaborative, Modern

Sanako, David Binns

Quality of service makes all the difference

It's our quality that set us apart. "We've never missed a phone call, we've never missed that sales lead, every single one has been passed through." - David Binns, Sanako UK Ltd

Categories: Quality, Service, Professional

Straight Manufacturing, Neil Morris

Location, space and customer focus

"Why we feel Carrwood park stood out to us would be the location that it's in, the space we have around us, and the whole customer focus." - Neil Morris, Straight Manufacturing

Categories: Location, Space, Customer Focus

Skills 4, Jayne Little

Responding rapidly to customer needs

"Brookfield Court have always responded really rapidly to my changing needs, whether I’m hot desking or taking office space the service is always fast, reliable and first-rate." - Jayne Little, Skills 4

Categories: Reliable, Fast, Responsive

Paul Nicholson, Commercial Group

Vibrant, young and fantastic outlook

"Coming into Carrwood was really refreshing. It's a young, vibrant atmosphere, a beautiful place to work and really good service. It’s been great from the start." - Paul Nicholson, Commercial Group

Categories: Young, Vibrant, Great Atmosphere

Tim Sinclair, Wolfstar

Taking care of everything

"Not only do they get the little things right, but they get the big things right, so if you have a choice, I would make Carrwood your choice." - Tim Sinclair, Wolfstar PR

Categories: Community, Culture, Quality