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Why working from home won't work forever

In March 2020, businesses across the globe were thrown into a new way of working. Many who had never even considered remote working before were forced into sending their staff, who were able to, home to work for the foreseeable, many pushing it through without a plan or strategy in place and therefore no metrics to measure its success.

In our latest blog we explore how working from home has impacted businesses across the country, and why we believe it won’t work forever.


13 of the 'punniest' flexible office space puns you can find

As flexible office space continues to snowball in prominence and popularity, so too do the jokes and jibes about this modern form of office space. Carrwood Park takes a look at 13 of the ‘punniest’ flexible office space puns you can find.


Meeting Rooms in Leeds: the pros and cons to different layouts

The modern office spectre is changing. With flexibility at the core of contemporary working practices, there has never been so much choice in terms of when and where you work. 

Take a look at the following different meeting room layouts and the advantages and disadvantages that go hand in hand with them. 

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Is it better to have an office in the city centre or the outskirts?

With countless amenities on your doorstep, convenient transportation and a buoyant hustle and bustle that gets you ‘in the mood’ for work, the benefits of city centre working have long been established and exploited. But did you know more and more firms and working professionals are now seeking office space on the outskirts of a city?