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Welcome to our Resource Hub. Here you’ll find a number of useful resources to help you maximise your workspace. From industry trends, tips and insights, to our latest news and developments including community events, we’ll keep you updated on everything you need to know.


The place to keep up to date on industry insights and trends as well as tips and advice from the WorkWell team on how to make the most of your workspace for you and your team.

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Five business benefits you can receive from a serviced office

With access to a variety of facilities members require, a serviced office provides a great opportunity for businesses of all sizes, from small start-ups to established organisations, to thrive in a functional space designed to facilitate growth through high-performing teams.

In our latest blog, we uncover five business benefits of a serviced office that you might not have considered.

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 Three ways a serviced office can increase your revenue

Investing in a space that is centered around your team and business goals allows you to increase productivity, grow a strong brand identity and gain a robust company culture – all of which can be delivered with a serviced office workspace solution.

In this blog, we've compiled our top three ways a serviced office investment can generate returns for your business.

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Five savings a serviced office can bring your business

Some reasons why a business may consider moving offices include; to increase efficiency, improve operations, streamline, scale up or down, or simply to move where its customers are, for example.

Lowering costs is one of the most cited reasons for a business to move offices and it's natural to compare a serviced office to a conventional office when relocating.

Here we've put together 5 savings that a serviced office could bring to your business.


What is organisational culture?

Organisational culture is an important concept for any business. A collection of shared values, beliefs, practices and expectations. Organisational culture can define a business.

In this blog post, we've compiled some common definitions of workplace culture and discussed its importance.

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Five tips for creating a productive working environment

At WorkWell, we’re passionate about creating working environments that help to build, promote and retain your team. And when we talk about the working environment, we don’t just mean the four walls that make up an office, we’re talking about the space in which you work, your style of work, your team culture and the working atmosphere you and your team create.

In this blog, we've put together 5 tips for creating a productive working environment.


Five essentials for keeping your team engaged when working remotely

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to working remotely is keeping connected to your team as well as engagement. Without face-to-face contact on a daily basis, often employees can feel disengaged as they are cut off from the day-to-day rhythm of business and one step removed from your company culture and goals.

To help keep your team motivated and engaged while working remotely, we’ve put together our top 5 tips.


The Work Environment - Work, Workforce & Workspace

The workspace has evolved in line with the evolution of work and the workforce. Good understanding of the evolution of work, worker and workspace will help in defining the workspace strategy for any organisation. These three elements constitute the work environment.

In this blog we explain the relationship between these elements and how they influence the development of work environment.


Why working from home won't work forever

In March 2020, businesses across the globe were thrown into a new way of working. Many who had never even considered remote working before were forced into sending their staff, who were able to, home to work for the foreseeable, many pushing it through without a plan or strategy in place and therefore no metrics to measure its success.

In this blog we explore how working from home has impacted businesses across the country, and why we believe it won’t work forever.


WorkWell in the news…here we’ll keep you up to date on what we’re talking about the press. Here, you’ll also be the first to hear about the latest developments and news from across our sites.

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Leeds serviced office provider launches new workspace solutions to address our new way of working
WorkWell, August 2021

Leeds-based serviced office provider, WorkWell, has launched a series of new products which have all been designed to address the changes to the ways in which people are now working, following the coronavirus pandemic.

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Is the future for work in Leeds located outside of town?
Business Up North, 2020

Enquiries for out of town offices in Leeds have increased over the last month, as car parking and the ability to social distance enhances the appeal of sites such as Carrwood Park and Thorpe Park Business Park demonstrating a shift away from the city centre.


Community is the heart and soul of WorkWell. Here, we’ll keep you up to date on our upcoming community events and activities, including details on how you can get involved.


Bonfire Night, 2022

Our bonfire night festivities remain one of the most popular events amongst our members, and this year was no different.

Described as one of our best yet, we were pleased to welcome over 300 guests, including members from both Carrwood Park and Brookfield Park, along with their loved ones, for an evening of celebrations.

Our celebrations began with complimentary drinks and refreshments served by our team and catering partners, Wilsons Pies.In addition to bringing everyone together and encouraging a community atmosphere.

Learn more about our spectacular bonfire night here.


Summer by The Lake BBQ & Social, 2022

As part of our annual Summer BBQ festivities, members from our Carrwood Park and Brookfield Park sites were treated to some glorious weather, and a BBQ feast like no other, courtesy of Blue Pepper Catering. 

The afternoon provided members to take a break from their desks, enjoy the grounds and spend time connecting with the rest of the WorkWell community, eating and taking part in games on the lawn.

Members had a great time relaxing in the sun, feasting on some great food and connecting with each other. 


Wellness Walk, 2022

In May 2022, 140 members across our sites stepped out for a break as part of our annual wellness walk in a bid to raise money for Leeds Mind, support the opening of our grounds and to promote wellbeing in the workplace. 

Hosted over lunchtime, members were able to choose from 3 different routes which gave them the opportunity to see wildlife including, calves, bluebells, geese and red kites. Despite the brief downpour of rain, members completed their walks and were greeted by ‘Grazing Cups’, a savoury lunch snack, from a local company, The Grazing Guys.

Through member donations alone, we raised £200 for the charity, Leeds Mind. Learn more about this event by reading our blog post here.

Bonfire 21

Bonfire Night, 2021

Our most popular member event by far, our Bonfire Night display is a WorkWell date for the calendar.

In 2021, WorkWell members and their families across both our Carrwood Park and Brookfield Court sites were invited to join us for a Bonfire Night extravaganza.

The evening boasted an exceptional firework display, hosted on the grounds surrounding our Carrwood Park site, as well as a scrumptious feast of pie and peas for everyone to enjoy thanks to Wilsons.

Charity Walk 2019

Charity Walk, 2019

In 2019, 50 WorkWell members joined us in a charity walk to help raise vital funds for Macmillan Cancer Support. The two-mile walk took place at lunch time and allowed members to explore the expansive countryside surrounding our Carrwood Park and Brookfield Court sites.

Each member made a £5 charity donation to take part, and at the end of the walk everyone was treated to a well-deserved hot sandwich lunch, courtesy of Blue Pepper Catering. 

BBQ 2019

Summer BBQ, 2019

As a summer treat for our members, each year we organise a summer BBQ, giving members from our Carrwood Park and Brookfield Court sites the opportunity to meet, network and enjoy the fabulous outdoor space on offer.

In 2019, we were treated some glorious weather, and put on a BBQ feast like no other, courtesy of Blue Pepper Catering.

And our members loved it. We look forward to many more.

Our return to work guidance

We want all of our members to feel comfortable in returning to the office. We’ve invested heavily in ensuring all our workspaces are safe and secure. Health and safety measures have been put in place across both our Carrwood Park and Brookfield Court sites.

Take a look here at how we are helping get our members back to the office safely.

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