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Case Study:
Academic Appointments

Transforming company culture with a purpose-driven workspace

We recently chatted with Claire Darlow, Business Services Manager at Academic Appointments, to discuss how moving to WorkWell was an inevitable decision, and how the flexibility, location and purpose-driven environment has made a difference to the team’s space usability and company culture.

Dedicated to providing excellence in education, Academic Appointments coordinates recruitment to schools and candidates across Yorkshire.

As a growing business, Academic Appointments was on the lookout for a flexible and tailored office provider which put the team at the heart of the space, and only had to move down the road to find it.



At the beginning of April 2023, the Academic Appointments team moved its entire Head Office to WorkWell’s Brookfield Court, from which the company enjoys office-based work, five days a week. With a team that enjoys collaboration and bouncing ideas within the group, it was imperative that the usable space was upgraded whilst the square footage was reduced, to allow for tight-knit collaborative working.

With busy workday schedules and school term dates to adhere to, the team required an easy transition process, and with just a 30-minute downtime period for each employee during the moving period, the company achieved just that.

Here we talk to Academic Appointment’s business services manager, Claire Darlow, about how their requirements of an adaptable, purpose-driven space were achieved, and how their company culture was transformed with WorkWell’s efficient space utilisation approach.

Efficient space utilisation

"WorkWell has been on our radar for a fairly long time as it’s always had a great reputation in the Leeds area. The country-like setting, proximity to Leeds and surrounding villages, the nearby motorway, and ample free parking were all really strong pulls for myself and the rest of the team.”

The Academic Appointments team previously operated from a 3000 square foot office space, which proved to be excessive for their evolving needs.

Claire said: “After the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent easing of social distancing measures, we found that maintaining such a large office was no longer necessary, and a smaller, more efficient space would be much more productive.”

Throughout the development process, WorkWell worked closely with Claire to ensure the reduced office size was designed to fulfil and surpass their requirements. “Working hand in hand with the WorkWell team during the development process was an absolute joy.” said Claire.

“They took the time to truly understand our unique requirements and went the extra mile to create a custom-made office space which features an internal meeting room and office.” Claire added: “They even let us pop by and see the progression of the office before we moved in.” 

Recognising the role and responsibilities of Academic Appointments’ managing director, Pete Riley, WorkWell created a dedicated and private office within their workspace. Claire said: “In the original plans, our MD’s office was situated in an area of the room without a window. When we enquired whether we could switch its position so that he had more natural light, it was no trouble. In no time at all the office was thoughtfully positioned next to one of the large windows, ensuring maximum natural light and a scenic view.”

To further enhance the aesthetic appeal of the workspace, last-minute additions such as office dividers and extra desks were seamlessly integrated on request. “Nothing was too much.” said Claire. “Each addition WorkWell made perfectly balanced aesthetics with functionality, to create a space perfectly aligned with our company values and purpose. We are proud to welcome clients and candidates to our office.” 


Creating collaboration and culture

"We trusted WorkWell when they advised a smaller office could enhance team collaboration, and it has done just that.”

As a team which relies on close relationships within the group, a smaller office was discussed between WorkWell and Claire to promote a stronger sense of team cohesion and community. 


Claire said: “With a smaller room size employees feel a greater sense of togetherness, and collaboration becomes easier as you don’t have to get up and walk to the other side of a room to speak to one another.”

In addition to their office space, Academic Appointments is also able to take advantage of WorkWell’s range of bookable meeting rooms, which include large conference suites to smaller meeting rooms perfect to conduct interviews in. 

Claire said: "One of the things our employees appreciate the most is the little perks that WorkWell provide. From the always-stocked tea and coffee stations to the beautiful grounds which they walk around during lunch. It's those small details that make our workdays even better. You’re guaranteed to catch a smile from the team when they come back with their early-morning bacon sandwich from the handy food vans which visit twice a day."

Why WorkWell

“The move was absolutely seamless and we’re proud to call WorkWell our new home.”

For Claire, WorkWell ticked every box when it came to finding a purpose-driven space which encompassed a great countryside location, ample free parking, and the ability to reduce their office size whilst upgrading space usability.

For more information, or if you wish to discuss your workspace requirements contact sales@workwelloffices.com