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Case Study:
Thomson Environmental Consultants

Transforming company culture with a purpose-driven workspace

We recently caught up with Charlotte Ward, Ecological Consultant & Marketing Co-ordinator, and Amy Kennedy, Senior Ecological Estimator, from Thomson Environmental Consultants to discuss how their move to WorkWell has not only transformed their personal working lives, but also improved company culture and increased the amount of time spent in the office.

Thomson Environmental Consultants is a UK-based, employee-owned, environmental consultancy that specialises in all ecosystems, enabling business and nature to thrive together.

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With a workforce of 150 employees, plus additional seasonal contractors across the country, they have expertise in terrestrial, freshwater and marine ecology, hydrology, marine laboratory services, habitat creation and management, geospatial data management and mapping, arboriculture, and climate change and sustainability consultancy.

Relocating a regional team to a new office space is no small feat, but for the 20-strong Leeds-based employees at Thomson Environmental Consultants, it was an exciting opportunity to break free from a counterproductive workspace to a high-performance working environment.

We spoke to Charlotte and Amy who shared their experiences and insights on how WorkWell's Carrwood Park brought a breath of fresh air to both their professional lives, and how the move has positively impacted the company as a whole.

Rectifying unproductive work spaces

Reflecting on their former office space, Amy described the numerous challenges they encountered. "Our former office space was outdated and situated in a built-up area with no green spaces nearby" she exclaimed. "Traffic was also a problem with Leeds City Centre commuters.”

Determined to find a workspace that would breathe new life into their professional lives, Charlotte took it upon herself to explore alternative office locations in Leeds. Stepping into WorkWell’s Carrwood Park, Charlotte was immediately overcome with a sense of excitement and confidence that her team would be more productive and boost morale in the new workspace. "The contrast between our previous office and the potential we saw at Carrwood Park was astounding." Charlotte recounted with enthusiasm. "In that moment, I knew we had found the perfect place to thrive and create a positive work environment."

Transforming work culture 

Highlighting the team's eagerness to join WorkWell, Amy shared, “our excitement for the benefits offered by Carrwood Park was so strong that we wasted no time in making the move. The sense of belonging, the supportive community, and the collaborative environment have already made a profound impact on our daily work lives."

Thomson Environmental Consultants offer their teams the benefit of flexibility between remote and office working. However, the teams’ transition to WorkWell has already made a notable impact on their preferences.

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Amy explains, "due to the nature of our work and as some team members live outside of Leeds, we enjoy a highly flexible office schedule and the option of working from home. But we’re enjoying working at WorkWell so much that we’ve actually found ourselves spending more time in the office than ever before."

Charlotte praised the welcoming atmosphere they encounter at WorkWell, "One of the things I love about the park is the friendly faces that greet us when we walk in, from both the WorkWell staff and other WorkWell members. It’s something we’ve never experienced before and it's so refreshing to feel the positive energy from the beginning of the working day."

Collaboration and connectivity

Charlotte explained that the office space provides a connected atmosphere that fosters collaboration and strengthens team unity. She said, "our office setup is smaller and more intimate than our previous office space, which some may think is a negative, but it’s quite the opposite. The smaller space enables us to communicate more effectively as a team, and we no longer have to shout across a room to get each other’s attention."

The availability of Zoom pods (fully-integrated one-person airconditioned pods in which to take Zoom calls) at Carrwood Park has brought an additional benefit that Amy regularly uses. She said, “previously, when I’ve needed to conduct important client calls or virtual meetings, I had to find a secluded spot in our old office or step outside, which often disrupted my colleagues. With these dedicated Zoom pods and breakout areas, I can now hold private conversations in comfort without disturbing others in the office."

Amy and Charlotte also discussed how the team use breakout zones for in-person meetings. Charlotte shared, "the breakout zones provide a convenient space for impromptu conversations and brainstorming sessions with other team members". She added, "WorkWell’s bookable meeting rooms have also been ideal for hosting client meetings, recruitment interviews and for our company wide Monday morning meetings which help us kickstart our Mondays on a positive note."

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Another standout feature for the Thomson team is WorkWell’s available storage units and ample parking space. Charlotte said, “in our previous location, parking was often a challenge, and we always had concerns about leaving our cars overnight. With WorkWell's secure parking area, we now have peace of mind and convenient access to our company vehicles, day and night. Charlotte added, “the rentable storage units have also been a great addition, as our outdoor equipment is segregated from our desk space and it is secure but easily accessible for last-minute survey requests.”

Being a team which thrives on social events and collaboration, Charlotte said, "we were very excited to hear that WorkWell organises regular events and social activities that will allow us to interact with professionals from various industries. We recently attended WorkWell’s Summer by the Lake BBQ and the team enjoyed participating in the team building activities that were on offer including axe throwing, archery, clay pigeon shooting and total wipeout.”

Why WorkWell

In choosing WorkWell, the Thomson Environmental Consultants team considered not only the practical benefits but also the fundamental belief that a working environment has immense significance in shaping overall success and satisfaction.

Charlotte said, "WorkWell stood out to us because of its commitment to creating a thriving work environment. We wanted a workspace that prioritised our well-being and productivity, and Carrwood Park offered us just that."

Amy added, "the attention to detail and the thoughtfulness put into creating a comfortable and efficient workspace made WorkWell an obvious choice for us. Not to mention the beautiful and serene grounds, it’s a match made in heaven for us nature-lovers.”

For more information, or if you wish to discuss your workspace requirements contact sales@workwelloffices.com