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Leeds serviced office provider launches new workspace solutions to address our new way of working

Leeds-based serviced office provider, WorkWell, has launched a series of new products which have all been designed to address the changes to the ways in which people are now working, following the coronavirus pandemic.

For the last 16 months, the majority of office workers across Leeds, and beyond, have been working in isolation at home. For many businesses across the region, working from home is only a temporary solution. Many are keen to get back to the office as the last year has brought to the forefront just how important team collaboration and working environment is to the performance of their teams.

WorkWell, who operate two serviced office sites, Carrwood Park and Brookfield Court, on the outskirts of Leeds, have been working closely with their customers over the last year to determine how they and their teams perform best, given that many have been working remotely for over 12 months.


One finding that has been highlighted is that working environment matters and that staff perform better at work when they have the right environment in which to do so.

For many, the pandemic has made both senior management and staff lose sight of their company values and culture and now need an environment in which to bring everyone together to help realign them.

In response to this and to support its customers workplace strategy, WorkWell has created a series of products and flexible ways to purchase which all focus on space with purpose. They have also recently launched a new website to reflect the new offering.

Even before the start of the pandemic, the serviced office provider has been ahead of the curve and focused it’s offering around more than just providing a room. They are passionate about helping advise customers on how to create an environment that gets the best out of their staff.

Oliver Corrigan, WorkWell

WorkWell owner and managing director, Oliver Corrigan said: “Even before the start of the pandemic we had very few companies come to us for a standard office set up. Many of the companies we speak to, particularly now, are much more concerned about re-engaging and retaining their staff and re-establishing a culture that may have been lost while working from home.

“What we’re talking to our customers about, as many return to the office, is creating space with a purpose. Businesses don’t take office space because they need a room, they take it for a team, and that space has to serve the team. So, where we begin is actually looking more closely at what actually happens within that space before offering a solution. For many years now, commercial office space has been designed for the investors, the people that pay the bill, rather than the people that use it. In no other industry will you find so little regard for the people who use the space, and so little thought given to how they actually want to use it.

“Flexibility is at the core of our new solutions, we’d don’t just look at the business as a whole, but the needs of the individuals within the business. Our offering is therefore unique, many other serviced office providers are unable to offer the flexible product mix that we can due to our size and location.”

By offering a variety of workspace options and ways to purchase, including space on demand, membership and partnership product options, WorkWell is providing customers with flexible solutions and access to the right space for them.

Oliver added: “Our goal is to get the asset set up right, and to do this we need to first determine why the customer needs the service, look at the company objectives and tailor the assets around that. Once we establish the primary reason they use the space, we’ll package our offering in a way that complements their working style, whether that’s a full-time membership package or space on demand.”

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